We help organizations articulate their offering and achieve results. Our ethic is rooted in knowing our customer, then delivering clear communications, a strong brand presence and inspired design.





    Influenced by a strange brew of 1880s broadsheets, the L.A. art scene, and a passion for editorial design, Theo designs media and web sites for prominent news, corporate and media/entertainment clients.

    His most current work includes ongoing corporate communications for American Express, the International Monetary Fund and news design for Singapore Today.

    A seasoned news designer, Theo directed the print and online redesigns of The Hollywood Reporter and the online redesign of the Independent newspapers in Ireland, Belfast and England, washingtonpost/, He also redesigned chron‌.com, the web site of the Houston Chronicle, as well as Rumbo and La Voz, both high-end Spanish-language newspapers.

    Theo oversees all editorial projects for Theo and Sebastian. From production artist to studio owner his 26 years of experience in the field of news redesigns, gives him a unique perspective on the management of redesign projects.

    His work has been widely recognized by the design industry’s elite publications and organizations including Print, How, Communication Arts, Graphis, ARC, and the Society of Publication Designers.

    He holds bachelor’s degrees in art and art history from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    We make things. Like a virtual corporate headquarters for American Express; or a major redesign of print and digital platforms for The Hollywood Reporter and Singapore Today; or a responsive redesign for the International Monetary Fund’s website.

    Our principals work directly with our clients, dedicating themselves to their goals and long-term success. We become a partner, lending our passion for innovation, communication and visual acuity to your business and customer experience.


    Sebastian designs across media and practices, with a focus on branding and business.

    He has developed identities, consumer advertising, editorial design, online advertising, corporate sites, application interfaces, and intranets for brands like American Express, BMW, Condé Nast, Evian, IBM, MasterCard, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, Novartis, Pfizer, Simon & Schuster, Verizon, Viacom, Volvo, and UPS.

    Sebastian directs business analysis, technology integration, user experience, and branding for Theo and Sebastian. He has been collaborating with Theo on editorial design projects for the last 20 years.

    Sebastian served on the board of AIGA’s New York Chapter, and has been teaching communication designers at Pratt Institute for 17 years, including classes on social media and business practice.

    He received an MA in Graphic Design from the Pforzheim School of Design in Germany, with Marketing Communication Credits from the Pforzheim School of Business. In 2003, he completed an Executive Program, Business for Design Leaders, at Harvard Business School.





    Theo and Sebastian is a stakeholder in three startups, from healthcare and data analysis to document shipping. We act as strategic advisors, provide naming, branding and marketing support and actively work on product and service design.

    Macroeyes™, one of our startup partners, is a visual search platform for data that makes it possible to search – and quickly understand – connections across vast realms of data.

    We are your advisor and partner.


    As one of the world’s most valuable resources for economic analysis and financial policy, the International Monetary Fund’s web presence needed to support their continually expanding content, media and data.

    Theo and Sebastian solved this challenge with a responsive design and underlying architecture that features news and media, presents a completely revamped About section with in-depth information on the IMF and its member countries, and a web-based, visual presentation of the IMF's annual report.

    We think big.


    With 54,000 employees worldwide, American Express provides customers with services that go way beyond card transactions. About American Express presents news about the company, its businesses, its values, its vision and easy-to-find consumer services. It gives a face to what makes American Express tick.

    Theo and Sebastian designed the About American Express site in 2011. Our goal was to express the brand both visually and functionally, creating a site that is as instantly recognizable as American Express is around the world and as easy to use as their products.

    We create recognizable visual identities.

  • AMERICAN EXPRESSCorporate Communications

    The language that corporations use to engage employees is, by necessity, different from what they use with clients. Theo and Sebastian has worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years to identify and leverage the most effective language needed for their corporate communications.

    We worked with American Express to redesign their intranet into a responsive platform. This online corporate communications and social network is American Express’s primary source of internal communications. We continue to work with groups within American Express to design their presence on the intranet enabling them to communicate with their colleagues as well as the greater American Express employee community.

    As part of our ongoing work with American Express we have also developed, written and designed campaigns, devised brands and strategies, and produced digital and print materials for halls and walls promotions, launch events and new programs and services.

    We hear your inner dialogue.


    Today online is one of the most read news sites in Singapore, serving more than 1 million page views every month to desktops, tablets and smartphones. Today online’s success is due in part to more intuitive and user-friendly access to content; the homepage offers multiple content and media avenues to follow, as well as the ability to filter content without ever leaving the homepage. It has been built in Drupal 7 with extensive customization of themes and modules that enable publishing to multiple platforms.

    We design the news.


    We can freeze time. We can make you live forever.

    American Express has a rich, 165-year history that include times of growth, challenge, change and sometimes outright transformation. In its pursuit of employees who understand this history and are inspired to help shape the company's future, American Express asked us to design an interactive timeline of defining historical milestones for the intranet. The resulting product captures moments in time for posterity in a hands-on, educational and fun presentation that can be expanded as their company continues to grow.


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